Thursday, August 30, 2012

It's a New School Year and a great time to make a resolution to save some energy! Remember that every flip of a switch, push of a button, or any effort to conserve energy adds up to big savings for our district. It's a team effort so please do your part to stretch our dollars further and keep the money in the classrooms to benefit all of the awesome students in Robbinsdale Area Schools.
Stay tuned for exciting news and information about what all lies ahead in the first year of the SEE® program. Also, coming soon, the first quarterly report of avoided costs/savings compared to the established baseline.

Happy New School Year!
Have a groovy and efficient Labor Day Weekend!

Friday, August 10, 2012

Today's Energy Insight

Leaving a ceiling fan on while you are not in a room will help keep it cool.

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FALSE! Ceiling fans cool people, not rooms.  Unlike air conditioning units, fans are simply recirculating air and creating flow – that slight breeze we feel cools us down, but does not actually alter the air temperature.  Save energy by turning off the air conditioner and turning on the ceiling fan while you are in a room…but keep both the fan and AC off when you leave!